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Online Treatment

Carehomoeo International is one of the most established online healthcare provider . Homoeopathy being a safe remedy with no side effects is well demanded by people all over the globe. To reach out in providing service to the remote and international patients, we offer you a patient friendly online homeo consultation and treatment interface. The treatment here is the supported with the state of the art software and technologies to match the international standards. You can consult the doctor and order your treatments from Carehomoeo International online homeo clinic without having to worry about the appointments and busy waiting rooms. You can get safe, authentic medications delivered to your door at the click of a button. Our service aims to provide a safe way for people to get a diagnosis or treatment with a personalised care. We provide custom one-to one online medical consultations .


The Procedure


Please fill the appointment form provided in the website. Our staff will contact you for fixing the consulting schedule as per convenience. The patients can have direct interactions with the doctor during the consultation to fix the treatment. Medicines will be send via courier immediately to the patient.