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Welcome to Care Homeo, a world-class premium  multispeciality Homeopathic clinic committed to provide advanced Homeopathic Treatments for all life style disorders, enriched with decades of rich experience, excellence and expertise in treating various acute diseases using 100 % safe medicines, world class techniques, latest advances, technology and software for effective treatment of diseases without any side effects. With the strong visionary set by its founder the Care Homeos strive to serve the humankind with its specialised treatments for over 3 decades.


Every great dream begins with a leader. It was the deep visionary of Late Dr. Sathy Gopalakrishnan, a renowned homoeopathic physician, which led to the formation of Care Homoeopathic speciality clinic in India. She was a pioneer in the field with over 50 years of expertise career. Her contributions in the field were path breaking. She developed a safe, systematic and side effect free treatment methodology for infertility after prolonged research and has proved the success of homoeopathy in the area which was an eye-opener in the 70s and 80s. She has made almost 10,000 couples from all over the world happy with babies through her treatments. The first clinic was set up in the temple town of Kerala, Guruvayoor by her and soon she had patients seeking her appointments from various parts of the globe. She was also a respected individual in the society. She had worked hard for the popularity of the homoeopathic system of medicine amongst the common people through medical camps, workshops, lectures etc.

A doctor par excellence and a down to earth human being was she. She had initiated many charity medical camps for the students, underprivileged and weaker sections of the society in Kerala, Puttaparthi – Andhra Pradesh as well. Her legacy is carried on by her daughter, Dr. Sreelekha Balram who has made a space of her own in the field.

Managing Director and Chief Physician

Best homeo doctor for life style diseases.

Dr. Sreelekha Balram, is a renowned and senior doctor with 30 years of experience in the field. She has been keen enough to propagate the homoeopathic system of cure by introducing specialized treatments for lifestyle diseases like (Diabetes, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Thyroid problems), Allergy, Stress Management, Migraine and Sinusitis, Voice problems and Cosmetics. Being academically brilliant she completed her Bachelor degree in Homoeopathy (BHMS) from MG university, Kottayam and started practicing with her mother. Currently she is the only registered medical practitioner of The Institute of Biochemic Medicine, Australia in India. Also she holds the prestigious BFRP degree from Bach Center, Oxford shire, UK. 


With the rich experience gained from her mother and her own skills she could well establish herself in the field within a short span of time. She is known to be a skilled doctor who is always lively, kind and good spoken. She has happy cured patients from different a country who often acclaims her holistic approach of diagnosing the diseases. She is also a recipient of “President guide” award in her school days from the then respected president of India, Dr. Zail Singh. She actively involves in medical camps, charity camps as well.



  1. BHMS, MG University, Kerala, India.(1991) Reg no: 4276.
  2. Diploma in The clinical science of Biochemic Therapy (Dr. WH Schussler), from Australia.
  3. Certified International Practitioner in Biochemic medicine by the Institute of Biochemic medicine in Asia-pacific, the only practitioner in India.
  4. Certification in Facial Diagnostics.
  5. BFRP- Bach flower remedy practitioner from The Bach Centre, London. Registered practitioner internationally.
Best homeo doctor in Kerala